Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy to be home

We are so glad to be home, we had so much fun and loved hanging out with all our friends! Well, I thought I would try to give a quick look at the process of setting up a booth at a Marburger Farms Show. Here is a first pic of the space as it looks when we arrive, as you can see we had a great shaded spot with trees at the back of the booth. And, believe me shade was a very welcome commodity!

We put up wall support for our tin and doors and then Mike is working on the arbor

This is the morning of the second day of set up, the camera was still foggy from the ice cold camper temperature change!

So, here we are evening before the opening day of the show

Mike worked really hard getting a good supply of his unique lighting ready and it was a good thing because everyone really loved them

Our industrial base leg table went to a ranch home

My wonderful swans were so popular I wish I had more!

Well, we just want to tell everyone thank you that came out to visit us at the show. We had a wonderful show and look forward to seeing everyone again in the spring. I would also like to thank Theresa and Craig of Time Worn Interiors for making us feel so welcome and like "old friends".We also hung out quite a bit at Zapp Hall with our friend Diane and Roger of Blends. Zapp always has something going on and stays open late for shopping and socializing.
Hugs, Nancy and Mike


  1. Truly beautiful, I bet you are just happy to be back home on your comfy bed. Hoping to make it to your shop in Wimberley someday. Diane and Roger are two of my fav people and so talented as well. Blessings, Marta.

  2. It's was great hanging out with you guys and your booth was awesome! We just got home late last night, don't have the energy to put photos up yet!

  3. It's just amazing what you turned that blank canvas into!

  4. my shop is in the same location 365 . . .
    i can't believe you were able achieve in a few days! you and you're flea market brethren are an inspiration!