Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Marburger Farm Fall 2012

It has been awhile since we have posted.  Months flew by and here we are at Marburger Farm again.  The show started out great and there are so many wonderful booths this year.  Here are some of the pictures of our booth.  We will be in Round Top for the rest of the week so come by and see us in Tent H, Booth 5. 

 We are also looking forward to doing our first show in California this month.  We will be at Remnants of the Past in San Luis Obispo on October 19-21.


  1. omg! im in awww over your fantastic displays!! Love every single picture youve really got talent!!!

  2. SO excited to see a new post from y'all! Your space looks AMAZING as always - always such fantastic lighting! Hope you are selling out!

  3. What you do is amazing! You have a true gift for the vintage, industrial flare. I just love looking at your pictures time and again.

  4. Hey there love looking at your finds. Saw on Marburger Farm blog that you have a teachers supply looking wall hanging of a human skeleton? Am I seeing that right? It might be from the Rubbish booth. Anyway my daughter is a missionary in Uganda and told me they need lots of things at the school where she is working. One being a skeleton so the children can see what is on the inside....with Halloween I was able to snag a plastic skeleton that hangs but its not life size so they can get an idea. Then I saw your skeleton map so to speak and wondered how much it is? You can email me at or FB me or find me on Twitter @madreminutes. Thanks so much. I will be back.

  5. Hi Madre,

    Unfortunately the skeleton was not from our booth, so we aren't able to help you. It is really neat though so good luck finding it!