Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great weather for the Homestead Show in Hico last weekend

As promised we have just posted some new pictures from the show this weekend. The weather could not have been more perfect! Our hosts Mike and Brenda were the best, the show was filled with great dealers and we just loved it. We are just home and ready to relax for the night so I will just let the pictures show you the goods.


  1. Thanks for showing us all what we missed. You had some great things, hope it was a sell out. Loved your plants.

  2. Loved meeting you and Mike and getting to have dinner with you on Friday night!! Glad we didn't scare y'all away. Your pics are great and so was your booth. Can't believe I never got to do any shopping ANYWHERE!..Will do better next time!! Have a blessed day and can't wait for October!! Jo Carol

  3. I hate that I missed it - your space looked GREAT! I LOVE those large white corbels!